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  • ¿What is the Orthodontics?
    The orthodontics is the branch of the odontology that is dedicated to the diagnose, prevention and treatment of the bad dental position and the lack of harmony of the face.

  • Which is the importance of a treatment of Orthodontics?
    For the oral health, the teeth crowded together or without sufficient space for their location are hard to clean and this situation generally ends at the formation of caries, the lost of dental pieces or diseases of the gums. Speaking about aesthetic we all want to even have a pretty smile, this could also change our life of relationship.

  • Which age is the best to begin a treatment of Orthodontics?
    It is advised that at seven years old is the propitious moment for the first visit to the Orthodontist, but this is not a rigid rule, since certain problems must be treated at earlier ages.

  • How long is a treatment of Orthodontics?
    It depends on the type of treatment, on the age of the patient and on the complexity of the case, the duration can be estimated between 12 and 36 months.

  • Is it possible to make orthodontics treatments in adults? The braces are very visible?
    Yes, nowadays we can carry out treatments in adults, something unthinkable years ago. The Treatments are made with fixed or removable braces, depending on the problem to solve, they are carried out with metallic or transparent elements, these last ones to obtain a better aesthetic quality and to help the adult to continue wiht a normal performance in his labor or relationship life.

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