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  • What is a Dental Implant?
    Dental implants consists on a treatment by which are replaced in an artificial way the natural roots of the dental pieces that are lost, soon to mount on these new roots the prosthesis that will replace to these lost pieces.


  • Are Dental Implants always successful?
    Thanks to the advances in the techniques for the implants and in the elaboration of the dental materials, the last statistics inform that the success of the dental implant placed in superior maxilar surpasses 90% of the cases and in inferior maxilar the success surpasses 95% of the cases.


  • Which are the advantages of Dental Implants?
    In many cases the treatments with dental implants are the best solution. If there is to replace a dental piece with totally healthy for the neighboring dental pieces, the dental implants avoids the wearing down of these for the positioning of a bridge by a conventional method. When several dental pieces are due to be replaced and it is not counted on support pieces, the conventional solution is a removable prosthesis that has the disadvantage of adaptation and reabsorption of the bone and gum where prótesís leans. The greater beneficiaries are those people total toothless, since the implants solve the problems of instability of the conventional prosthesis because of the reabsorption of the bone.

  • How much time is it necessary for the positioning of implants?
    The positioning of implants is made in two stages: first there is the surgical one wich consists on the installation of implants within the osseous tissue. Once this surgery is made, it´s necessary to wait from 4 to 6 months so that the osseous integration is obtained, is to say the biological union between implants and the bone. The second stage is the prosthesis one, when the implants that has been submerged within osseous tissue appears to the light by the installation of the new prosthesis on it.

  • All the patients are apt to receive Dental Implants?
    Most of the patients are apt to receive implants, reason why it is necessary to consult with a suitable professional to make a previous and meticulous evaluation of his dental health, that will allow to advise him about wich are the best technical treatments for his personal case. The treatments with dental implants as well as the other techniques with fixed or removable prosthesis, will help the patients to obtain a better aesthetic quality, an optimal buccal health and a total performance for their relationship life.

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